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Automatic Drinkwell water bowls – fountains are American products whose purpose is to look after our dog and cat’s health. A wide range of these products includes fountains that always provide pets with clean water. Dogs and cats drink such water more willingly because it is tasty and clean. These fountains are equipped with mechanical filters that remove larger contaminants, such as fur, and replaceable charcoal filters that make water tasty and free of metallic taste. The fountains come in 3 sizes and various capacities that we can match adequately with the situation and the needs of our pet.

Drinkwell fountains are also convenient for pet owners. Having such a fountain, we can leave the house with a clean conscience, even when it is extremely hot. The constant circulation of water in the fountain will inhibit bacteria growth and water will not be too warm. Thanks to a gently flowing stream of water in the fountain, pets are encouraged to drink it. Every fountain is equipped with a ramp that prevents water from splashing on the floor. The waterfall can be easily regulated.