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A wide variety of dog training products offered by EasyPet includes electronic dog training collars, bark control collars, electronic containment systems to be used indoor and outdoor, in your garden, as well as dog beeper locators and other electronic devices which not only facilitate the process of dog training but also maintain its effects.

When selecting the electronic equipment that is offered by our company on the Polish market, we decided to ensure proper distribution of the widest possible choice of quality products from top manufacturers, which guarantees the highest quality of the products. This is, to a large extent, confirmed by ECMA certificates which ensure that the products are both of high quality and safe for trained dogs.

Our offer involves the following brands: Innotek, PetSafe, PAC Products, Multivet, DT Systems, SportDOG, Num’Axes, and Dogtra. A vast range of products makes EasyPet the Polish market leader in electronic systems for dog training. We are still looking for brand manufacturers of all home and professional dog training equipment which support dog hunting. Our offer also includes brands such as Staywell, Drinkwell, Premier,  Geodog and Loc8tor.

Electronic collars for dog training

We are offering a good choice of electronic training collars with the range from 100 to 3,000 metres which assist in training from one to even six dogs at the same time. Our offer includes both simple training collars for those who want to effectively support domestic dog training, advanced systems of electronic collars for professional trainers as well as electronic collars for hunting dogs for those who expect that the collar will ensure possibly longest operating range and will be resistant to any difficulties of outdoor use caused by unfavourable weather conditions.

Bark and howl control collars

At EasyPet we spare no effort to provide our Clients with an extensive possible offer of bark control collars, that is, collars which distract and deter dogs from annoying barking, baying and howling, so that each Client can select products that suit their needs. These collars produce a mild sensation that is uncomfortable for a dog when it barks. The sensation may involve unpleasant spray, ultrasound or an electrostatic impulse. Bark control collar is always activated at the right time which enhances fast training and long-lasting effects. EasyPet carries bark control systems suitable for any dog size and breed that turn out to be perfect barking deterrent for dogs from neighbourhood.

Shock collars and electronic containment systems for cats and dogs

The so-called “invisible fence” is the best solution to the problem of a garden being devastated by a household dog. The system, also known as an electric fence, deter cats and dogs from crossing a boundary of a defined property. Our company offers fences for pets which operate without any energisers that may be dangerous for both animals and people. Moreover, the underground fences are invisible and will not spoil a home garden. Our offer of invisible fences is suited for small and large dogs as well as sensitive cats. The variety of models guarantees that everyone will find one that is suitable for their pet and their garden.

Pet fountains

Drinkwell fountains are automatic water bowls for dogs and cats. These are closed circuit fountains. By the constant circulation of water through the charcoal and mechanical filter, dogs and cats drink more willingly and water is always clean and tasty. In addition, the fountain encourages pets to drink thanks to a gently flowing stream of water. Every fountain is equipped with a ramp that prevents water from splashing on the floor.

Pet doors

Good quality dog or cat doors will allow us to eliminate the problem of constant letting the dog in and out of the garden once and for all. Our pet will be able to move freely between the house and the garden whenever he/she wants. Staywell offers automatic and classic cat doors and doors in various sizes for different dog breeds. This offer also includes additional – assembly accessories for the doors.

Educational toys

Every dog should have a toy that will teach him/her patience and perseverance and that will keep him/her mind stimulated ! This is what Premier toys do. They come in various lines and sizes. Most of them are stuffed with treats that a dog can get out. Every toy comes in a few sizes so that it perfectly suits the dog breed. Premier also offers a line of toys for cats.

EasyPet offer of cooperation is addressed to pet and hunting shops, wholesale outlets and those who encounter dog training problems.

We are looking to doing business with you!