Główna » Electronic collars for dog training - wholesale



Lacme specializes in electronics in general. Products of this French company involve, in particular, classic electric fences, e.g. for horses. It also designs fences for dogs. Therefore Lacme is also famous for production of more and more popular invisible fences combined with collars.

Because of a relatively low price, almost everyone can buy Lacme devices. Electronic collars are simple and deprived of complicated functions since the producer concentrates on electric fences for cattle and horses.

There are also remote training collars for dogs on Lacme offer. They are not complex and assist owners in domestic training of their pets. Models of this collar are intended for smaller dogs. Moreover, Lacme offers anti-bark correction e-collars.

Lacme systems are easy to use and do not require specialized knowledge. They are basic products designed for electronic dog trainings.